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Crimson win their playoff opener against 'Tonka 26 - 3

By Coach Lombardi, 10/26/19, 9:30PM CDT


Playoff recap, Week 1

In the final Friday night for our Seniors to grace the turf of 'The Grove' and compete, they came away fittingly with a hard-fought victory 26-3 over a very reputable Minnetonka football team.   This win allows us the opportunity to go on the road and take on the #1 seeded Lakeville South Cougars for a chance to advance to State tournament.   Step 2 is upon us!

Offensively, I thought we did a good job playing smart and taking advantage of opportunities that were presented to us throughout the night.   It took patience throughout the night, but even though it was only 6 -3 going into the 4th quarter, I felt they did a nice job throughout.   Anthony Gipson emerged as a threat on offense as he ran the ball 22 times for 139 yards and two touchdowns and had many runs where he broke tackles and kept the chains moving.  Joe Beulow and Aiden McMahan also did a great job blocking from the fullback positions and Nate Elmes and Cooper Wegscheid did a nice job keeping the ball moving running the ball.     Our undersized offensive line faced an enormous defensive line and kept winning the line of scrimmage, so that will be a key part of next week's contest.

Defensively, after a first drive where they had some success, we did a great job controlling field position all night and giving our offense great chances to score.   Micah Vayee recorded a huge interception in the 4th quarter that helped put the game out of reach and he also had 9 total tackles from the cornerback position.  Anthony Gipson had another 9 tackles at his linebacker position and Junior, Nate Becker created havoc all night with seven total tackles from his defensive line position.  Also, our coverage teams did a great job on special teams keeping an explosive return game at bay, but our extra point and field goal team needs to keep getting better because those are the difference many times between playoff success and heartbreak.  

Next week we play a team that is very hot right now and has been controlling their recent opponents in Lakeville South.   Their offense presents a unique challenge to our defense and forces us to be mentally sharp down after down.   Also, their defense flies around and makes plays.  In other words, it's going to be a fun night!   No better feeling than being that road team going into a successful place and being the group that turns the tide and makes the game a nervous one for the home crowd.   It's what playoff football is about.   We need to play our best to get Step 2, but I expect a great group of kids to give their all and be totally prepared walking into their place next week.   We need all of our fellow Crimson fans out there taking over their stadium because it should be a blast.   Go Crimson!  Get Step 2!